It’s a little over a week ago that I harvested our garlic. I originally planted 123 on the 15th April 2016. They have been in the ground for 7 months give or take a few days. It’s been an interesting garlic growing time as we had a lot of rain for a couple of months and I was worried that they would rot. We have raised beds so that helps with the drainage. A couple did die off but that is to be expected.


The 10th of November and it is harvest day. The bed has dried out a little it’s been about 2 weeks since it has rained but heavy is expected on the 11th


I pulled the first two for the day and they were looking great the purple is lovely and the size is good.


After pulling all the garlic out, it was laid out on the bed. It looks great and this is the best harvest we have had since we have lived here. There are some really big bulbs that we can use for growing next year and we have lots and lots of good sized bulbs for cooking.


The garlic was strung up in the shed for it to dry out.


I do love walking into the shed and seeing it all. In total we got 85 good bulbs and around 10 small ones. You may be wondering where the other 28 cloves that started went. Well some rotted and I started pulling some when we ran out of last years.
7 months is a long time to watch and wait for a crop and I am happy as this year was a success. Let’s see what next year brings.

You can watch the harvest video here

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