It was time to change over the left bed. Nothing had been done to this for a year since it has been built and I wanted to give it a good feed and top up. I have decided that I am going to try the no dig method going forward so there was no need to turn the soil over.


Some may think it is over kill but this is what I will be adding to the soil


I started by removing all the onions, some self-sown lobelia and one of the chard plants till I was left with the black netting. We need to put this down as we have so many greedy black birds. Before we used it everything was flicked out daily.


The netting was removed


I added blood and bone, rock dust, potash. some organic chicken pallets and a quarter of a bag of Soil Activator  which is rich in organic Carbon, Humic Acid and Fulvic Acid.


I mixed it lightly into the soil and then watered it in


Next up I added 60 litres of certified organic compost and smoothed it out


Last up I re planted the lobelia and onions. It is now ready for the spring.


After an inspection from Anna our cat, it got the seal of approval and she had a nap




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