It’s nearly spring and our lemon tree is covered in citrus gall wasp lumps. The only way to treat this is to cut the affected branches off. It is not a nice thing to do as depending on the severity of the infestation there may not be much of the lemon tree left.


I have been looking at the lemon tree recently and thinking how great it was looking from last year a spindly tree to a strong tree but such is life it has to be done.


After giving it a good hack back all the gall wasp lumps were removed, you can see in the photo the lumps that have been made from the larvae growing


Standing back and having a look, it’s all ok the tree looks good. That the prune has makes the shape better than it was and we have reduced some height, let’s hope this makes it less attractive to the possums. There is more light getting to the raised garden beds too. What could have been a sad task has turned into a positive experience. We now have a fridge full of lemons too.


The End Result


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