It’s an exciting day today the seeds for summer crops have arrived I ordered them last week when they just got listed. This year I have bought them all from Lambley Nursery. They are mostly F1 Hybrids, I made the choice to spend a little more and go down this route as they are resistant to diseases and supposed to be very productive. Only time will tell if this ends up to be the case. If the zucchini resists powdery mildew this year I will be very happy.

As it is nearly the middle of winter here in Melbourne Australia and I would like to get some tomatoes seedlings in the ground around the first day of spring I need to sow some seeds in the next few days.

I have achieved the spring tomato planting in previous years with store bought tomato seedlings and we have had cherry tomatoes for Christmas all three years. It will be interesting starting them from seed in the next couple of days if they will be ready for the garden in September and if I can achieve tomatoes before Christmas, fingers crossed.

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