It is the 2nd of October and it is time to plant some seedlings in the garden. The first to be planted is the zucchini in the wine barrel. The poppy that it is replacing was starting to die and this barrel gets lots of sun. I left the pansies as a boarder as they are still doing well. I am going to grow this in a cage. We did this a couple of years ago with a blackjack zucchini and it looked great as it grew up and we cut the leaves below the fruit off. This time the zucchini is Nitro F1 so it will be interesting to see how it goes.

Next up was the cucumbers. I grew 3 Panama F1 and 3 Amiga’ F1 seedlings. The 3 Panama seedlings grew faster than the Amiga and with the Amiga 1 had only just sprouted before it went into the ground. I positioned them 2 Panama on the right 2 Amiga on the left and one of each in the middle.
Last to be planted were the sunflowers these are Garnet and are pollen free. I’m not sure that the bees will appreciate this but I am curious to see what they will look like. There were two plants in the corners of the back bed. Three plants behind the lemon tree and there rest in out front garden.


It really is a great time of the year

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