It’s the 19th of September and the soil is warm enough for the tomatoes to be planted. The seedlings that I planted on July 15th Sowing Tomatoes Lettuce & Nasturtium have grown slowly but they are big enough now to survive or so I hope.


I have decided to use 300 mg of uncoated aspirin per hole and see how it goes A gardening show  Vasili’s Garden we have here in Australian showed that some older Greeks did this and had wonderful plants. It was a long time ago that I saw it so I am guessing the mg amount  All i can find about aspirin and plants is to spray them so it will be interesting to see what happens placing the crushed aspirin in the soil. After filling the hole with some blood and bond, worm castings and pelletized chicken manure I mixed the soil around and then added the crushed aspirin. I have in the past added potash to the hole at this point but after adding lots when I got the bed ready I thought it may be over kill.


The planted tomatoes look happy sitting in their homes, I will be covering them at night for the next couple of weeks and then they will be on their own


You can watch the tomato planting video here

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