I was walking through the supermarket and I saw some purple bliss potatoes. They had little eyes that were about to start to chit so I figured why not give growing them a go. I bought 4 and left them in a piece of egg container to slowly chit.


I grew potatoes last year with very little success. I planted them late and harvested them early (we wanted potato salad for Christmas lunch) they got attacked by some insect and they were grown down the side of the house and may not have got enough sun.


It’s time to try again with these purple ones. After googling them they are grown by Anchor Organics in Tasmania while not labelled organic I’m guessing they are as the farm is certified.


I used lasts years grow bag, removing lots of the soil before added pelletised chicken manure. I placed them in and covered them with a little layer of soil. As they grow up I will keep adding soil and hope that at Christmas this year we can have home grown purple potatoes fingers crossed.


You can watch the planting video by clicking here

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