Three weeks has passed since I sowed the lettuce tomato and nasturtium seeds if you missed it you can watch the video here

3 Week old tomato seedlings

The seedlings are coming along nicely all the seeds have germinated even if one of the Valiant F1 seeds took a week and a half I’m so far impressed. The Valiant F1 and Zesty F1 are having the first true leaves appear so I am tossing up weather to give them some liquid fertilizer of to pot them on.

Salanova lettuce after 3 weeks

The Salanova lettuce is doing well the Salanova Green Crisp Frisee is a little leggy on both plants they were kept in different places so I’m guessing they need much more light than I can give them atm. The  Salanova Red Butterhead on the other hand is looking good.

nasturtium seedlings after 3 weeks

The Nasturtiums are huge and ready to plant in the garden I have been hardening off for the last couple of days so the next update for them will be when they are in the ground.

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