It is the 4th of September the weather is warming up spring is here so it is time to plant the rest of the seeds. Today I am planting


Tomato, ‘Ornela’ F1

Tomato, ‘Valiant’ F1

Tomato, Cherry ‘Tycho’

Tomato, Cherry ‘Felicity’ F1

Tomato, Yellow Grape ‘Zesty’ F1


Cucumber, ‘Panama F1’

Cucumber Lebanese ‘Amiga’ F1


Lettuce, Salanova® Red Butter

Lettuce, Salanova® ‘Green Crisp


Basil Italian Large Leaf

Parsley Italian

Parsley Triple Curl


Sunflower ‘Garnet’


Seeds from 4 Saved Marigold flowers

Zinnia scarlet flame

Zinnia reddish purple

Mexican Sunflower

The Mexican Sunflower were seeds I found in a draw that expired in 2005 so I don’t have high hopes for them but it was worth a try as otherwise they would be in the bin

To watch the seeds sowing video click here

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