It’s an exciting day today it’s the first sowings for spring. Today im sowing Tomato’s, Lettuce and Nasturtium.

I am only sowing three types of tomatoes today these will go in the left bed around September when the soil is warm enough.

The tomato types that I planted are: Valiant F1 A quality intermediate type with a proven disease resistance profile for growing a larger type fruit to 150gms approximately.

Tycho F1 A very high yielding cherry tomato with uniform glossy red fruit which are very sweet and flavoursome. Terrific disease package including high resistance to the devastating Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus.

Zesty F1 A very sweet low acid grape variety

The lettuces that were planted are: Salanova Green Crisp Frisee and Salanova Red Butterhead. The Salanova lettuces grow like a head lettuce but have a lot more leaves which are evenly proportioned and baby sized they can be picked leaf by leaf and can be harvested from the same plant for many weeks.

The seeds are primed  which I found means that germination is initiated in the seed and then halted the seed is then pelleted into a small ball. This process gives a quicker and surer germination no matter what the weather conditions. It will be interesting to see how quickly they germinate and grow

The Nasturtium I sowed is Mahogany Jewel a small plant with deep mahogany

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