Spring to autumn in the third year that we had the little backyard garden.

A lot has changed for this year. The beds have been converted to raised beds, not high but neater and a path has been built in, drip and spray irrigation has been added as well.

I didn’t mulch this year and the tomatoes in the middle bed ended early. I’m not sure if it was the hot 40 degree winds we get in January or a disease but it was disappointing to see them all slowly die. We still got fruit but nowhere as much as I was hoping for

In the left bed for the front I bought a mini roma tomato plant but they turned out to be full sized and disappointing. The yellow tomatoes at the back of this bed were prolific and we got lots they were a little acidic for our liking but you learn.

Corn was grown with cucumbers in the back bed and they went well the corn was lovely and the cucumbers refreshing.

On the right in the small bed we grew a zucchini. The same as the year before and it was profile. The only problem was the powdery mildew which engulfed it at the end.

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