The garden in August

August, four months since we planted and things are going well except the leeks. They are growing very slowly, I’m not sure the reason for this but the birds are not helping, until the sticks with tinfoil went in we would have birds flicking up baby leeks. I guess they were thinking that they were worms.

I have packed the soil up around the base of them. I read that this was the way to get more edible parts. On top of the trenches this created I added a bag of compost to level it off, there was nothing added to the soil  when we planted them and if it doesn’t help now when the soil is dug over can only do good.

Baby leeks in the garden

The carrots are growing nicely, the row closest to the brick path isn’t growing as well but the brick path is walked on to feed the worm farm so we are probably disturbing their roots.

leaves of baby carrots

The parsnips are nice and leafy but when I poke around at the root it is very small. Hopefully they will fatten up.

Parsnips growing in the garden

The garlic is just hanging out, I feel this is a good thing.  All up it is going well for a first time.


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