The tomatoe and nasturtium seeds that I sowed on the 14th of July have sprouted, they started to appear after 4 days. I had placed them in the lounge beside the fire. I left them there one more day and then moved them to a window ledge. The 2 tomatoes that came up in the lounge look a little leggy at the moment and I’m wondering if I didn’t move them soon enough, the lounge gets very warm. There were still three that hadn’t sprouted and now all except one are up. It will be interesting to see if the cooler temperature slows the growth.


The nasturtiums are also a little leggy but they will sort themselves out when they are in the garden.


Im using a trick of placing white card behind the seedlings to give more light. I saw this over at Home Grown Vege you can watch the movie here . It will be interesting if it works as there is not that much light around it is still very cloudy and drab here I will keep you posted.

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