We moved into our house around 7 months ago, the garden was overgrown and unfortunately we didn’t take many photos. There seems no better way to start this blog than to document our journey over a few posts though winter and into spring. It’s been a fun journey so far and we are learning about the little garden we have.


The garden on the day we arrived was covered in weeds, the plant at the back right is Bougainvillea a very thick stump with the top trimmed back, an apricot tree that was getting eaten by bugs in the middle and a healthy olive tree on the left.

After an afternoon of digging and weeding we had removed the apricot, cleaned up the olive, forked over the soil, cut back the Bougainvillea and applied roundup to the stump, it was then time to plant.

the garden after planting

We planted the lemon tree and then garlic at the back. The left row got parsnips the middle leeks and purple carrots went in on the right. The only compost that was put in went with the garlic.

This was our first garden after many years of living in an apartment, we didn’t really have a plan for the front vegetables but it was coming into autumn so root vegetables and leek seems the way to go. The garlic is something I had wanted to do since we knew we were moving to a place with a garden and as it is a long growing crop having it at the back seemed like a good idea. Everything was planted and we hoped that the seeds and garlic would sprout.

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